A6 size in pica

The most common A6 paper size in pica is 24.8 x 35.0 pica. To calculate the A6 size (and other A sizes) in pica, you can use the calculator below. First, select the A-size and then choose the unit in which you want the calculation. The result is shown in the last column under dimension.

Pica is a measure in typography. 12 pica points equals 1 pica. 1 pica = 4.2175176 mm.

A6 in pica calculator.

First choose the A size. Select the desired unit. It is listed on pica on this page. The answer to the calculation is shown in the last column. The entered value is the value of an A6 in pi.

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Overview pica.

Overview of the A6 size in the typography size pica. See on the left side the size (from 4A6 to A10) and on the right side the size in pica.

Size Pica
4A0 397.4 x 561.8
2A0 280.9 x 397.4
A0 198.7 x 280.9
A1 140.3 x 198.7
A2 99.2 x 140.3
A3 70.2 x 99.2
A4 49.6 x 70.2
A5 35.0 x 49.6
A6 24.8 x 35.0
A7 17.5 x 24.8
A8 12.3 x 17.5
A9 8.7 x 12.3
A10 6.1 x 8.7

Other units such as centimetres, pixels and meters.

Choose from the units below for the A6 size in Micrometres (μm), Millimeters (mm), Centimetres (cm), Metres (m), Thou (th), Inches (in), Feet (ft), Yards (yd), Pixels, Point and HPGL.